Crowdfunding Campaign Date

Last updated - May 08, 2019

A couple of months ago we took the decision to let the world know about this project with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Since then we have been taking time working in a pre-launch phase in preparation for the real campaign.

And we're still on it, but the time has come to finally set a date to get our real campaign rolling. So it is with great pleasure that I share with you the news:

Our crowdfunding campaign officially begins on June 24, 2019.

This is the very first campaign we run for a project and it has been so far a very challenging process. However we keep our expectations as down to earth as possible.

There are many fairy tale stories and people very vocal about their success, but there are also a big amount of negative experiences people share too, specially customers that were ripped off and never got the product they expected or never got it at all.

Rest assured we're set to deliver Aliadoc whatever the outcome we get from this crowdfunding experience. Certainly it's probably going to take longer to release if we get little support. But even one supporter will make a difference.

Feel free to ask any question about the project and/or the campaign you may have. We will be happy to help.